Nurse Aide Program

This course meets State of Texas requirements for a training course for Nurse Aides.  The course will prepare students with the knowledge, skills and abilities essential for the provision of basic care to residents in long-term care facilities.  The program curriculum will include 60 hours of lecture and skills lab before direct client contact. After completing the course, participants will be able to provide basic care to residents of long-term care facilities; demonstrate skill in observing, reporting and documentation; and function effectively as a member of the health care team.  To be able to take the NATCEP nurse aide certification assessment the student must complete all 100 hours of the required nurse aide instruction.  This does not include the 5 hours of CPR instruction.  Upon completion of class students will be assisted in their search for a job in the healthcare industry to include nursing homes, hospitals or home health agencies.

Some of the lessons to be covered are:

Introduction to Long-Term Care

This section will cover training in safety and emergency measures, infection control, resident’s rights, and methods of protecting aides from injury.  Students will be able to describe and practice; hand washing, applying personal protective equipment, and properly removing personal protective equipment.

Personal Care Skills

This section will cover training in body mechanics, positioning and moving residents.  Students will also learn the guidelines for providing skin care and preventing pressure ulcers. Students will discuss residents’ rights in the areas of privacy, independence and preferences while in personal care. They will be able to describe skin changes associated with aging, certain medical conditions and other chronic illnesses. 

Basic Nursing Skills

Upon completion of this subject, the student will be able to perform basic nursing skills such as taking vital signs, providing daily patient care, documenting care, reporting transfers and assisting in the discharge of patients.

Restorative Services

The student will perform skills in restoration such as promoting self-care and encouraging activities such as hydration according to the care plans of residents.

Mental Health

Upon completion of this subject, students will be able to identify and perform the steps needed to provide psychosocial and physical support to residents. 

Social Skills

The student will acquire skills and learn methods such as communication skills, knowing the chain of command, and therapeutic communication to resolve disagreements associated with supervisors, co-workers and family members.

Basic Life Support/CPR

The student will acquire skills needed to perform life saving techniques and basic first aid.

Nurse Aide Externship

The students will apply hands-on care to residents in a nursing home environment that will demonstrate skills learned in the classroom setting while under the supervision of a licensed nurse.



Externship Description

  • The externship schedule for day and evening students will be five hours per day, four days for week one and four days for week two. Clinical classes will be Monday – Thursday.
  • Evaluation of externs with verbal critique by the work site supervisor will occur daily. Written evaluation will be accomplished at the midpoint and end of the externship.  A copy of evaluation form; The Texas Nurse Aide Performance Record, will be provided to each student. 
  • Externs are required to attend a meeting on the last day of their externship. During this meeting they will discuss their externship observations/experiences and will turn in their externship report. 
  • Students are encouraged to keep a daily journal of their externship experiences and observations.
  • The student will be under the direct supervision of an LVN or RN when performing skills until the trainee has been found competent by the program instructor.

Externship  (Long-term care facility)

There will be total of 40 hours of clinical which should occur over 8 days. We will share the schedule for the site with you. 

Students who successfully complete both the classroom and clinical portions of the course with a grade average of at least a C and meet their financial obligations to the school will receive an Achievement Certificate which qualifies them to take the state exam to become a Nurse Aide in the State of Texas.